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Unlimited Beautiful Design. Capped monthly fee.

As a marketer and a small business owner, this is what I have been searching for.

Unfortunately, in the graphic design industry, nothing existed that would meet these needs. Current solutions charge either a fee or an hourly rate for each design job, leading to incremental expense for businesses. If the final design work doesn’t meet your requirements, you will be charged more for each revision. Of course, hiring an in house designer will allow you to cap your monthly spend to the designer’s salary, however, the costs are prohibitive and it also means you have another employee to manage.

For small businesses & startups, this means a large bill at the end of each month which could be better spent on marketing your products or services.

UnicornGO! solves these issues by offering unlimited & unrestricted professional graphic design, capped at a low monthly fee. There are no contracts so you will never be locked in and all our design requests come with unlimited revisions for peace of mind.

 This means better cash flow management whilst you continue to receive a constant stream of design work to promote your business.

It’s like having a team of dedicated graphic designers but without the price tag.


The dream was simple, to create something that we would personally use.

Unlike other design agencies, UnicornGO! was not started by a bunch of graphic designers, but by an end customers, Francis Lee (Founder) when searching for graphic designer.

Frustrated by the process of hiring a new freelance designer and terrified by the idea of getting bill shock at the end of the month again, it dawned on him that there is a gap in the design industry. With his core background in digital marketing and having a few start ups under his belt, Francis believed there is a massive need for an unlimited capped fee graphic design service and thus the start up was born.

The concept of unlimited graphic design service is not new, and businesses have been hiring full time designers for a long time. What makes UnicornGO! unique is that we are able to complete any graphic design job that is requested without restrictions. Most competitors offer to only work on designs that can be completed in less than 30 minutes. Now I don’t know about you, but as an end customer, I have no idea what 30 minutes will get me when it comes to graphic design.

UnicornGO! on the other hand offers unrestricted graphic design, meaning that if you can describe it and its considered graphic design, we can do it. This ranges from logos, business cards all the way to website design and mobile UIs.

The Team

Meet the people behind UnicornGO!

Francis Lee


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